Games in active development


We’ll use this thread to be quick access to games in development. Reply with the games you are working on so others can follow along. Please follow the common format below:

Game Title download zip source code
Fracture latest view/edit
Mortals latest view/edit
Berry latest view/edit
Bomb Brigade latest view/edit
Whackamole latest2 view/edit
Boss Fight latest view/edit
Puzzle-01 latest view/edit
Puzzle-Auto latest12 view/edit
Speed Racer latest12 view/edit
Zen Flow latest view/edit
Royal Jelly latest view/edit
Astro Miner latest view/edit
Flick Flop latest view/edit
Widgets latest view/edit

We’ll continue to update this table, but follow the table structure for your own games and we’ll play along! :smile:

1 instructions for game play is alpha at best…
2 solitary game, enjoy by yourself or with fans :love_you_gesture:

Not seeing library on Mac or PC
What code ships with Blinks? Mortals?

Hi there,

here is my game:

Game Title: Dice

I hope this post is correct… :wink:


Just looked through the code on mobile and it looks great. I’ll load it up tonight and give it a play :slight_smile: very clear comments and good code structure, your inclusion of isAlone acknowledgment should eventually become not necessary, eapecially with the new hardware, but is smart for the time being!


A couple of weeks ago, I had a bunch of fun playing dice in the airport at PDX.

A few of things I specifically appreciated: Smart-dice color updates when you add new players to have unique colors for each player. It’s quite magical to see ties across the table. Game play waiting to start until each player connected has rolled. This get’s my head thinking about automated dice games or chain reaction dice games that could be a lot of fun.

One note is that our list of games in active development has been updated at the top of this post. Feel free to try some of them out (my current favorite is Astro Miner :slight_smile: