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The ribbon cable between the ISP and jig has a 2x5 pin connector, and the cable continues onto the 2x3 connector. Is it possible to extend the 2x5 to another 2x3 (new ribbon cable w/ connectors) that could be used to connect to another jig for parallel flashing? Ken


To allow for parallel programming, the programmer would need to be a little more sophisticated than simply running the same 6 pins(VCC, GND, MOSI, MISO, SCK, RST). There are gang programmers and a number of ways to make them, but I imagine your main interest is to allow you to update all of your Blinks with less manual labor. For that, I have detailed the solution we are working towards here.


Right, of course, the update protocol itself would have to accommodate parallel programming (more than electrically connecting)… (shaking my head now on what was i thinking). Look forward to shortening the code-test-debug cycle.