Tile occasionally blinking red, wont run loaded sketch

Hello all,

I recently started playing around with my dev kit after some time away. So far things have been going rather well, I updated to the latest RC build (0.9.4) and was able to get back to developing like usual.

Today, however, after waking up one of the tiles, it started blinking red every few seconds. ~3 or 4 seconds will pass, and it will blink twice. If I hold down the push-button, the leds blink repeatedly until I let go, then the same pattern continues, but faster (two fast red blinks every 2 seconds).

What is this indicating? Is this signalling a low battery?

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: On a side note, is there a “troubleshooting” section of the sdk somewhere? If not, maybe this would be a good excuse to have one, that covers LED behaviors like this one?

My apologies, I ended up finding my answer in the notes for the last release - my suspicion was correct. In case anyone else searches the forum for this question, here’s the quote from the 0.9.4 release on github:

Battery Monitor
If your CR2032 voltage drops below 2.4v the Blink will signal with 2 red flashes that it needs a new battery. It won’t allow you to continue playing with that tile and so you can either replace the battery or play with one Blink down. We made the decision that it is more important for you to be playing with reliable Blinks with reliable brightness and communications which do not perform as reliably once the battery has dropped below 2.4v. Note: This is around 95% of the total battery life, as the end of the battery’s life drop voltage quickly.

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