Blinking bowling

Using a total of 11 blinks, take 10 blinks and set up as pins on a bowling lane. The 11th blink would be the blink ball. Using the blink ball try to change all 10 blinks from green to red or 2 other colors

This is just an idea I came up with from todays live stream. Could be a possible work in progress


Hi @Mijone
Let me be the first to welcome to the Blinks forum, hope you find your time here fun.
I think as an idea the game could work looking at the idea I think having the game as a state matchine triggered by events could make this work and have manual scoring like old time real lanes have.



Welcome to the forum @Mijone! Happy to have you here! I think that there are lots of potential ways that you could approach a bowling type of game from very simple to very complex with intricate animations. I actually took a shot at one simple version of bowling in my game “Nothing” which is a compilation of 18 “mini-games”. In my version, players either arrange their blinks in a connected 6 blink 3-2-1 triangle pattern or a 10 blink 4-3-2-1 triangle pattern. They then place the triangle at one end of the table and slide blinks from the other. Every time a connection is made the activated blinks are removed from the triangle. The goal is to remove all blinks from the triangle in as few slides as possible. If you are curious feel free to give it a go and let me know what you think! I would honestly love to see someone take a stab at a more fully fleshed out version of bowling with cool animations and things like that though at some point!


Nice to hear someone has thought of a concept like this