Change to Dark Ball?

Is it possible or has anyone tried to make it so that dark ball continues until one person is left standing? Right now it seems to just basically start over once one person loses but i play with more than 1 other person (4) and we wanted to get a winner instead of a first man out reset. I think it could be interesting and maybe have the ball move faster as people are knocked out. Not sure if any of this is possible.

If I remember correctly, I believe you can just have someone tap their blink to continue the game, you just have to pick someone to go next. It won’t select someone as the next player to go, though.

Maybe something is up with mine then? It gives one free hit to each person and it resets each person as soon as they are out of lives. They also have the ball at the start of the next game.

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Yeah, that’s the same thing mine does. Maybe we have an old version of the code or something, and they need to be updated?