How do you connect the board to the computer?

I feel like this should be fairly basic, but I can’t figure out how the board is supposed to connect via USB. Attached is a photo of my pogo board, and the pins are incredibly long. I’ve removed the battery and found the 6 corresponding pins on the back of the board, but when I press the pogo against the back, even after the pins retract into the pogo board as far as they’ll go, there’s still a ton of space between the blink and the board. I can get the blink to power on by holding the pogo against the blink with my hand, but it never snaps into place or anything. I’ve tried holding the pogo in place as best I can and pushing code, but the arduino IDE doesn’t recognize that the blink is attached, so clearly i’ve only got a good connection with the power pins. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with the devkit I’ve been sent? Would love feedback, looking forward to writing some games.

This is as close to connected as I can get it:

Update: realized I was missing a driver. I have now successfully pushed code to the blink. It still feels like I should be able to connect the blink to the pogo board without having to hold it in place, though.

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Hi @kaptronik glad you figured it out. Going to be recording some good close up video of this process this week. We lengthened the pogo-pins to make it easy to see when they are lined up correctly (putting them incorrectly can unfortunately short circuit the Blink). We definitely look to improve upon the programming experience so welcome feedback and ideas here. Since we’ve been programming the Blinks this way for the past year or so (previously had a magnetic jig) we got used to it being pretty easy to do, that said, hands-free is a longer term goal :slight_smile:

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