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Hi Wes,

Welcome! Good luck!

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Hi Wes,

Firstly let me welcome you to the Blinks Community and by the sounds of things it looks like you have big plans for your blinks, good luck with that and please keep us informed of your progress :slight_smile:.

Stay safe,


Hi everyone, I’m Ricky. It was fun catching up with your stories and interesting to hear what is drawing folks to Blinks. I’m a software engineer, board game designer, and YouTuber… Blinks was checking 2 out of 3 of those boxes, so I put it right with a video demo of Blinks on my channel, so now all three boxes ticked! :sunglasses:: https://youtu.be/FIpgiVeNhwI

My first “big” board-game design Renegade (a solo/co-op puzzle-solving sandbox deck building game), has players taking on the identity of hackers (or “Renegades”), trying to bring down a super-massive-computer network using clever card play and careful positioning of contaminants. Renegade’s neon colours and fixation with hexes, echo the cosmetics of Blinks, and the idea of inviting players into the workings of Blinks, making them free thinkers in its design space, has parallels with the sandbox mechanisms of Renegade. I was always going to be drawn in as soon as I discovered Move38… :star_struck:

I’m a Brit who loves board games, maths, nature’s wonders, all sports with baseball at number one… I know, a Brit that loves - and plays (well, "played’) might I add - baseball… KC Royals fan and utility infielder and pr-retirement-chairman for a regional team here in England… and owned by my lhaso-poo dog Dixie ( I was going to say “dog owner”, but really it’s him who has me owned :crazy_face: )

Looking forward to sharing ideas and playing with the new toy…

Stay safe! Ricky.



I’m Rob Canciello and I’ll be a Game Design intern this Summer for Move38.
I’m a freelance game designer/developer/producer and I founded my own studio (https://stuido.co/) back in 2017. My interests include board games, asymmetrical gameplay, couch co-op, AR/VR/XR, and of course video games.

Thinking of Blinks as digital interactive board game components satisfies my love of digital games and board games, and I’m interested in leveraging that unique aspect in my designs. I have much to learn about this, but I’m looking forward to it!


Hello! My name is Jacob and I’m a Game Design Intern at Move38 this summer.

I’m a toy designer, puppeteer, and playmaker who’s been having a blast learning how these amazing Blinks work and getting to work on new content for the platform. Happy to chat games, design, 3D printing, theme park trivia, and help in any way I can!

I believe systems play is the future of play, and I’m excited to build that future with y’all.


Hey there!

I’m Nicole Polidore and I am a Game Design intern for this summer here at Move38!

I’m a rising senior at Parsons School of Design in NYC majoring in Game Design.
I have mainly worked in Unity for my games and became very interested in narrative driven video games and has experimented in creating AR/VR to simple 2D games.
Along with game design, I am an illustrator and designer working on logos and small commissions.
My Portfolio

Blinks is a unique and innovative game system that has captivated me from the start so I am very excited to be working with Move38.

It’s nice to meet all of you!! :slight_smile:



I’m Connor Wolf! This summer I’m a Game Design intern!

I go to Bradley University in Peoria, IL, and I’m studying Game Design and CS. I love games because they bring people together, and I hope my time here at Move38 can work to do that!

Ready to get Blinkin’


Hello Everyone! The vibes from the live streams and this community are infectious!

I’m Alfred, and I’m a professional software engineer (Stevens Tech '06) and an amateur game designer (many stalled Unity projects :sweat_smile:) from northern NJ! I made my first post last night about the game that I’m working on. I don’t even have my Blinks, yet, but I’m so pumped that I couldn’t wait to post about it! :smiley: I’d be happy to receive any / all input and talk about it there.



Hey Yall. just wanted to introduce myself and can’t wait to be able to try to develop on thie blinks system


Hi there! It’s been awhile since I worked on this kind of thing - I used to work in the Craft Techonology lab at CU Boulder about a decade ago. I was so excited to find Blinks - they are such a cool system and platform for game and interactive art design. I’m looking forward to playing with these; so far I’ve got some pretty changing color lights going after one night getting things up and running.


Hello All,

Jumping in to introduce myself. I am actually a kindergarten teacher of 15 years. But have always had an interest in gadgets and tech. (Thanks to my dad who sold and supported the old ORIC system back in the day and got me hooked on the Archimedes and Risc OS (RIP although my raspberry still loves you) I have dabbled with Raspberry Pi, Makey Makey, used to write websites in HTML back before serious scripting and programming came along. A bit of hex editing to mod the hardware and some saved games on the ps1 and Xbox 360… Largely copying other peoples code, breaking it and try to work out what went wrong.

Got the blinks day one release, then the expansion and community sets, then decided it was time to actually learn to code. (hopefully in term it will help me work out what I have done when I break my Pi4 and have to reflash it again because the WIFI adaptor just fails to play ball)

anyways… here to learn, hopefully teach me son. I have got as far as unboxing ,installing the updated Arduino and set up… pluggnig in the pocket programmer board and starting at the dev blink and the publish pins blocks and thinking… so now what!


Hi everyone, I’m Scott-- about to get set up with my first set of blinks and a dev kit. I am not a game designer/programmer by any means, but I’m interested to learn what Blinks can do. Honestly what sold me on them was not a game, but a demo video I saw of connected Blinks syncing up their flashing. My interests are in the social science realm, so it got me curious how blinks can be used to illustrate/explore social behaviors. Kind of random, but if anyone else is interested in that stuff, hit me up!

In the little spare time that I have (while I work on a master’s thesis and co-parent a 3 and 1 yr old), I’m going to tinker with the code of existing games to try and learn what’s going on here. My background knowledge consists of QBASIC in the 90s and a tiny bit of Arduino from a few years back, so I think I’ve got my work cut out for me :slight_smile: Aside from that, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a month or so; I think you all are pretty cool and I’m looking forward to learning some neat stuff!


Hi everyone, my name is Abby. I am a doctoral student in epidemiology, with backgrounds in anthropology and education. I work as a data manager at the moment and am periodically pulled into COVID-related projects. Most of my programming experience is in R and (when required) SAS, but I have dabbled in several other languages as well and am considering learning python for work. I have written an R package for the CDC and a handful of simple computer games, mostly text adventures and basic class projects.

I want to try writing my own games or simulations once I get a feel for the language and what blinks can do.


Greetings. My name is Michael, and I typically design board games, card games, and roleplaying games; I signed up through the Kickstarter, picked up my backer rewards, and now I’m noodling around with the toolkit. I can program some, and I can see that this will take some time to get the hang of, particularly because I had some misconceptions about how the blinks work together; it might be exactly the sort of thing that I’ve needed to get me challenged enough to start thinking more laterally again.


Hi @scatkins nice to meet another Scott here. I’m totally intrigued by what you have in mind for non-gaming/social behavior Blinks applications. I look forward to your posts about it!


Hi, my name is yarrow sanders I’m a printer tech, board game player/designer, maker, Etc. Can’t wait to see what games the community has to offer as well as make some of my own.


Hey Scott, glad I could strike some intrigue, though it may be a while before I come up with anything. I’m sifting through the tutorials and looking at existing code here and there, and I’m quickly feeling in over my head! I think if I can devote some time to just sit down and wrap my mind around it all, I’ll be fine, but no promises on when that is :smiley:


Hi all!

I tend to keep a low profile on the internet, but you can call me JP for now (pronouns: he/him).

I’m a professional video game designer, amateur husband, and semi-competent father to two small kids. I’m an avid board game, RPG, and video game player. I also make electronic music when time and creativity allows. I’ve also been in a short-form improv troup and have co-written and co-directed interactive children’s theater.

I’m fairly comfortable with scripting including C#, but am a complete noob when it comes to C++.

Blinks seem like a fun way to tinker around with C++. I think the simple inputs and outputs of the platform will also be a good catalyst for creativity. The released games show a large range of different types of things that can be done.

I’m likely to be asking far more questions than answering them for a while. :smiley:

Glad to be here! Looking forward to working with everyone (read: bugging smarter people for help!). :wink:



Hi, all!
I am Steve, and I am a Computer Engineering student with a growing interest in hardware/software interactions. Past projects have been communication in a self driving golf cart and competitive programming. I love the open source development and unique interactions in Blinks, and I have been shadowing this forum until my dev kit came! My vision for Blinks games to develop involves merging deep strategic choices with an easy entry. Maybe throw in some Mafia social deduction! As an engineer, I want to grow skills in some of the back end (custom libraries), and that will be a learning process! Looking forward to learning and playing Blinks with y’all!


Hello World!
I’m a random guy from Australia with some (read occasionally obsessed hobbyist) experience with coding and maths and a couple of forays into the world of game design (with a little bit of tweaking, connect four goes to whole new level of strategy, and crossing tic-tac-toe with rock-paper-scissors can have an impressive amount of strategy too). Currently, I’m passing the time for my Dev Kit to arrive by fiddling about in the simulator, and may have fixed a slight deficiency in Puzzle 101 (now it doesn’t keep all the pieces rotated the same way, and while I was in the code, I cleaned up the blink shuffler a little bit).