Expose the BlinkAni effects code


I’m curious as to why you’re not exposing the blinkani effects code in the API doc? The blink, strobe, rotate, and spin effect methods would be useful and avoid us duplicating the effect in our code since you already have it.

Is including blinkani.h in our sketch and calling blinkAniBegin in setup before using effects ok right now? (Btw, I’m actively using the effects code already in a sketch).


Yes, it seemed like a useful model to make games with Blinks would be to have an animation layer that you simply call the kinds of animations you desire and the “display manager” of sorts will handle the updating of the LEDs. My person experience with it has been that I constantly enjoy inventing new patterns and animations and that the animation library quickly becomes limiting, but that doesn’t mean I think it isn’t useful.

Would love to see your code using the ani library, perhaps we can use it as an example. Creating some nice examples of how to use the animation library is one of the main reasons it isn’t yet under the spotlight. Looks like you can help us get it there! :smiley: