How Do I Get My Blink To Share It's Game With Other Blinks?


Hello all,

A common question we get at Move38 HQ is “Where is the sketch that tells my Blinks to share their games with other Blinks!”

The short answer: This sketch is not yet available. But it will be!

The long answer: Believe it or not, certain components associated with the tops of the Blinks affect how this code needs to be written. The final hardware is close to being confirmed with the manufacturers which means firmware updates are next.

HOWEVER! This feature is in active development and if you are excited and interested in the nitty-gritty of the way games are transmitted from one Blink to another, the code base is open source and we welcome your input.


Major updates on this front. While we don’t have a documented use for game transmission just yet, it is in heavy development and you can follow along on the progress here. We can’t wait to get this feature into the BlinkOS (the new API) and will shout from the hilltops when we are in an easily usable state. If you are interested in helping with this effort, don’t hesitate to reach out, we are full steam ahead with lots of software/firmware updates.

OOOOH and the best thing about these updates, you won’t have to change a thing about your code from the current API (or at least, not at the moment) all of your games, given a reasonable size (<7KB) will surely work on the updated share capable BlinkOS.