3D PRINTED 2032 coin battery BLINKS SHAPED storage accessory

Someone needs to design a blinks shaped 2032 battery holder. It would wrap up in the middle of a sushi roll and it just makes sense.

Anyone capable of doing something like this needs to put it up on the forums. It would be much cooler than the 2032 storage case I got on online shaped like a rectangle. :frowning:


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You mean to 3D print?

Exactly. I will edit the title. :slight_smile:

I got a piece of stiff foam and cut slits in it to hold mine.

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I have mine in cut down blisters in my blinks bag. I can’t really imagine what you mean with “It would wrap up in the middle of a sushi roll” Wouldn’t that be a waste of space?

Not exactly what is requested, but I designed this CR2032 case for 20 batteries and another that is for 10 batteries, both are admittedly, incredibly satisfying to use and carry around as a fidget. It could be tucked between 2 end cap Blinks in a Sushi Roll, but not without movement.

I think it’s a great idea to have one that fits snuggly inside of the Sushi Roll case, and have a feeling a community member will beat me to it, as we have a few things going on right now :wink: but if not, this is a fun lil project that is sure to come to life… but seriously, such a great project to learn to 3D model, who’s gonna make it?

Of course, the files are available to freely download, but the Shapeways prints are the only once that really feel great in the hand for me.


Those are simply marvelous! I will have to have some printed.

Lookes like they would work better with a resin printer. My printer sucks anyway. But I’d love to get into 3D-Design digitaly

Best is SLS for durability

I printed a few in Tough 4k resin and they work great!

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