About the Game Ideas category

We know you are bursting at the seems with game ideas, so this is the place to share some of them. You don’t have to share all, but you are highly encouraged to :slight_smile:

Category guidelines:

  • Posting a game idea here is a great way to collaborate on game creation or share progress on one you are working on. Sharing source-code is encouraged but not a requisite.

  • Can a game be published from this game ideas category? If the game is submitted to be published, yes. All games published by Move38 involve a standard contract with game designers to establish royalties and ensure that the game designers rights are protected.

  • Remixing ideas and games is encouraged, and a game idea can be as simple as… what does PacMan look like on Blinks… or how about a game like hop-scotch for your fingers… excuse me while I go prototype that :man_technologist::joy:

  • Have fun, be respectful, this is a positive and safe space, encourage others to make great things and offer a helping hand where you can :v:

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