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Hello - we just received the alpha dev kit. We have Arduino up and running and have loaded the B-ButtonPress example. The Verify step runs fine. The Upload step says:

Sketch uses 3048 bytes (19%) of program storage space. Maximum is 15872 bytes.
Global variables use 171 bytes (16%) of dynamic memory, leaving 853 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 1024 bytes.
An error occurred while uploading the sketch.

We are not sure how to physically connect the hardware. We have plugged the AVR programmer into the usb cable and plugged that into the computer (we have Mac and Windows - we are currently trying on the Mac). We have plugged the programmer jig into the AVR programmer (plugged with the 6 pin plug on the 6 short wires on the jig)

We have put a Blink in the jig and hit Upload.

We are not sure where to see how the programmer should be connected.

Is there a video for this that we missed?



Hello @tomsatter. I’m a Alpha dev kit user. I’m running on an iMac (High Sierra) and have been able to program a Blinks in the Alpha kit via the Arduino IDE and using the AVR Pocket Programmer connected to the Programmer jig (using the ribbon cable). The jig fits over the Blinks (magnets hold it in place) and the 6 jig pins program contact the 6 points (2 rows of 3) on the Blinks itself. After connecting that up to your iMac via USB, the AVR pocket programmer should light up and you’re good to go to program it. I’ve tried a couple of programs thusfar, and both have worked as expected.


I received the alpha dev kit and the Blinks were not operational (i.e. pressing the button did nothing). After removing the screw, checking the battery, and reinserting the screw - suddently the Blinks is up and running. What is it about disconnecting and reconnecting the battery (via the screw reinsertion and slightly lifting the board) that is “waking up” the Blinks. Is there another way to do this short of removing/reapplying power? I’m concerned that the screw used to hold the board in place will be stripped after repeated removals since it’s fairly hard to remove/re-insert. Strongly suggest considering an easier method of changing the battery and not requiring the screw to complete the power circuit.

Thank you

@kenj The current firmware for the Blinks disables the button if the Blinks go to sleep when the button is down. This essentially means that they cannot be woken without a reset. Many of the shipped Alpha kits will have arrived this way, we’ll disable this feature for a more elegant solution soon, as it is mostly a safety to avoid draining battery by accident when placed in a spot with the button held down.

Re: screw contacting the battery. This has been redesigned for the commercial Blinks, but provided for functional dev kit Blinks. We got some better screws for the beta dev kits, let us know if you need replacements. :slight_smile:

@tomsatter did you get to see the video at the bottom of the getting started guide? Thanks for bringing this up and helping us prepare materials for the community.