Alternate power options?

Here’s a bit of an odd situation - I recently got my dev kit, and was wanting to try Hexxagon (who wouldn’t), but given the current pandemic and my lack of housemates, I’m restricted to vs AI, but that uses up one of my precious 15 blinks, reducing my potential board area by 6.6666%. I could get a new battery and put it in the dev blink so it can run the AI, but I’m currently waiting for some rechargeable batteries for my blinks (I saw in another post that Blinks can cope with the slightly higher voltage of the rechargeable LIR2032s just fine, so I’ve ordered some in) and don’t want to buy a single use battery for the approximate week until they arrive, so I was wondering if anyone knew if it’s okay to plug the programmer into a battery pack so that I can use that as a temporary solution for dev-blink power without having to have it plugged into my computer?

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No problem! You should be able to plug the programmer into any standard USB power source and run the connected blink off of it for a very long time. Because the programmers in the dev kit put out 5 volts, the blink powered by it will be brighter than a blink running off of a typical 3 volt CR2016 battery, but should not be a problem.