Arduino Create Compatibility?

I have both a regular laptop and a chromebook, and I’m wondering if Blinks can be programmed from the chromebook app Arduino Create. It seems to be an all-purpose app, but it might not work for every programmer/library/board. Here’s a link to the website: It is a paid app, so I’m hesitant to sign up without knowing if it might work.

If this isn’t possible, maybe this could be a product wishlist item?

Cool suggestion. Arduino’s web editor is a great resource but currently the custom hardware type for Blinks is not supported (I don’t believe this is a technical limitation, just hasn’t been implemented, the right person could figure this out :slight_smile: . This is the perfect thread to post information about how to add a custom hardware type to the Arduino Create web editor. You can think of Blinks as its own version of an Arduino Board, so the same way they might support the Arduino Uno or an Adafruit Flora…

There are some other great web editors that I think could be a good fit as well, specifically ones with blockly style coding.

(on a side note, Arduino’s service should be free, I don’t recall any part of their software services requiring payment.)

So I ended up looking into this a bit more, and here’s what I found:

Yes, Arduino Create is a free service, but the Chromebook-specific app, which they seem to be pushing to schools, does have a small cost of 99 cents a month.

The second thing I found is that many, many people have inquired about adding new boards to the supported boards list. Arduino and their staff have replied with a consistent “We are focusing on first-party boards, and may open Create to other boards when we have time, or even allow individual users to develop compatibility for their boards. At this time, it is not a priority.”

I’ll continue looking around, but that seems to be the official response to this question.