Are individual blinks wholly addressable?

Related to my previous question, a new question came forward.

Does the ““Astro”” blink, for example, know that it is the “Astro” blink? Can I say "When the button on this blink, which is not “Astro”, is pressed, if “Astro” is connected to this blink, turn astro all of Astro’s triangles red.

*I don’t expect to be referring to blinks by other game titles, Hopefully there is a simple ID number, Ideally, I can “name” any blink, practically anything.

Define Astro = Moe
Define Wham = Larry
Define Zen_Flow = Curly

And then, a step beyond that, are there “Tribes” ?

Define Three_stooges = “Moe, Larry, Curly”

If a Button on this blink is pressed, and this blink is a member of Three Stooges, turn off all connected Three_stooges.

As an example.

And this gets it’s own comment here.

There is an implied assumption that blinks have to be connected to each other, to receive instruction.

In my OP above, I finished my pseudo code with " turn off all connected Three_stooges. "

Obviously, if a Three_stooges blink is not connected, it’s not going to turn off, if the conditional returned True, correct?

So your program runs on the Blink itself. You could have a variable that would hold what that Blink is (say, give it a name). Once each Blink knows who/what they are, you can send messages to do things like what you described (“turn all blinks that have names that start with A off”). You would need to propagate messages through the cluster to make it work, of course.

If 2 Blinks are not connected they have no way to even known the other one exists. If they connect once and disconnect, they might know that the other exist but you have no way to send messages so same result (I am ignoring here that Blinks use IR and IR does not need actual contact to transmit data).

I don’t have a ready case to use the Id / “tribal” aspects at the moment. I am familiar with the idea from a dialect of LOGO and appreciate what tribes could do in LOGO, and I figured it would be worthwhile to ask, especially in light of my previous question [addressing triangle faces separately per each blink]

Yes. On the second part, agreed. I actually had a blink teach to another blink over like a centimeter gap last night. A connection that is not physical contact can happen, but not in any appreciable manner.

I mean Blinks are amazing things… But we aren’t there yet.

I feel obligated to post this here, and in the “sister” thread on addressability. I found this, and this is the exact thing I needed to get started.