Are these syncing as they should?

When holding down a blink to sync with the others it is not always catching the others.

Video -

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The sharing doesn’t work if the other blinks are in a “cold sleep”, they need to be woken up with a button press before they can accept code from another blink.

EDIT: Sorry, I hadn’t finished watching the whole video when I posted that. If I remember correctly I think Blinks that are “learning” the game will only make one rotation after initially detecting the “teaching” blink, I think on that last attempt your 3rd blink just didn’t wake up quickly enough to catch the 2nd blink’s rotation after it started receiving the code from the first one.

you’re the best! :slight_smile: I’m enjoying playing with Dynamo while I wait for my other blinks from the kickstarter :slight_smile:

Congrats on your first published Blinks game!!


Thank you! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it :slight_smile: