Asymmetric Blinks

Not that there’s much reason to do so, but can Blinks running different sketches communicate with one another? I don’t see a reason why not.

About the only case I can think to do this is if a sketch is too large to fit by itself, you could break it in two.

Might also be a fun collaborative experiment where multiple people agree on a common communication protocol and generate their own sketches to do… something

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We’ve speculated that some more complex games could use this as a feature and that you could start the game by essentially deck building (creating a certain number of each role). I think there are lots of possibilities here and the precedent for shipping such a game would be like releasing a game on multiple discs (I remember when all games for my Macintosh were distributed across 2 to 5 floppy discs).

Sometimes I recommend prototyping games this way, such as Flic Flop. Might as well create the two roles as two sketches and then combine with a mode switch later.

I think this makes for an awesome community challenge. I am thinking something like an Exquisite Corpse but for Blinks. I feel like you could reveal very little and simply agree upon some standards to share and create some really wonderful emergent behavior.

Also, makes me think of the Rube Goldberg machine I made in college in which each student had a 1’x1’x1’ box that could do anything it wanted as long as it received a vote from the previous box (1 or 0) and then transmitted that vote to the next box (1 or 0).

Lots of fun to explore here. Would love to see a first pass at some simple rules for such an exercise (I’d participate :slight_smile:

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That could make for a readlly cool Jam session: a Prisoner’s Dilemma tournement between everyone’s blinks :exploding_head:

Yes they do!

In fact, my kids have discovered all sorts of funny interactions. If you have a Blink running ZenFlow and the others are running Honey, setting the ZenFlow Blink to orange or blue and joining it to the “hive” will trigger a Hive Celebration!

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I didn’t even think about the easter egg possibilities :exploding_head: :thinking: :grinning:

Or consider this:

Have two games, A and B, which can be played entirely on their own. However, when you mix Blinks with A and B, it creates an entirely new game based on their interaction. Mortals + Astro? Speed Racer + Bomb Brigade?

This designer, Jordan Draper, does this with some of his physical games. Each game has multiple rule sets, and then are are additional rules (and games) that involve combining pieces from more than one game.


Oh sweet! I’ll check out his games.

You also reminded me of The GIPF Project. It’s a series of abstract strategy games where the pieces of one can optionally be used in the others to add a new twist.

How about taking two existing games A & B and creating a bridging “game” C that knows how to communicate with A&B to create something different.

For instance you have a group of Mortals ticking down their life as you play another game separately. Doing well in the second game grants life to your Mortals tiles to keep them alive longer.


Yeah! My kids added a Berries blink to Whack to speed it up :smiley: