Best way to photograph/video Blinks?

Has anyone come up with a good solution for taking photos/video of your Blinks and having it look good?

The stock iPhone photo app blooms the colors quite a bit. Any alternate photo apps that might be better?

What ambient lighting situations do you find work best?

I was just watching a blinks video and and thinking about ways we could make blinks look better and more like they do in real life.

I think the biggest problem is the frame aliasing, which could potentially be fixed with with either a longer exposure time on the camera or a faster refresh rate on the blinks.

I also think we could make a special “show off” firmware just for filming that would bump up the brightness a the cost of a greatly reduced battery life.

I’ve seen a few videos that @jbobrow made where the blinks look fantastic. Hopefully he will share some of his tricks! :slight_smile:

Don’t ask me. All my attempts at recording Blinks were terrible. In part because the older Blinks are not as photogenic as the new ones and in part because I am terrible at this. :slight_smile:

I struggled with this on video…

The best I could do involved spending the most time getting the lighting conditions dark enough to see the LEDs but not so dark as I couldn’t get a picture! Then once the lighting was right, any sort of ‘auto’ function was switched off, and by manually focusing and adjusting white balance on the camera (I used a DSLR rather than a camcorder), until it looked as ‘life-like’ as possible, I managed to get a result I was happy with. For stills, I actually found I could rapid fire and get some decent pictures (e…g the title image on this video).


So, the best you could do is perfection? :wink: Seriously, this video is great.

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In short, the iPhone X or newer manages to take really wonderful footage of the Blinks and it is difficult to match how good it’s computational image processing is with a DSLR or similar.

If you are shooting on a DSLR, Micro-four-thirds or other manual camera, I recommend setting the shutter speed to 30-60fps. I shoot in space lit by warm LED filament bulbs which don’t interfere with the Blinks communication or how they look on screen. Keeping hands, faces, and surroundings lit with this lighting is important to communicate to people that Blinks do not need pitch dark to be played.

Here is an example of this DSLR setup (Canon D90)

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John’s pictures are great. You have the contrast you need without the darkness of my video.

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