Blink Service Port Debugging Prints "Garbage"

Hello All,

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with a game I’ve been trying to develop, so I figured I’d give debugging through the service port a try. I’ve followed the instructions featured in the quickstart guide, making sure I included "#include "Serial.h" at the top of my sketch, and created an instance of service port serial using ServicePortSerial sp;. I call my debug messages in the code like this:

sp.println("GameState 0");

However, when I go to read the output through the Arduino IDE, this is what I see:

Does anyone have an idea of what I might be doing wrong here? I made sure the baud rate is set properly. I thought maybe the cable I was using may have been too long but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Thanks for your help!

Try 1000000 baud and see if that works. I think it was increased a few versions ago.

Yep, looks like should be 1M baud…

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Yep that fixed it. @jbobrow could that possibly be updated in the documentation?

Thanks for the help!

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Yup! I’ll do that today :smile:

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Updated in the docs :metal:

Also, I should note, we could use a little help cleaning up our docs. We’ve built a lot since the docs began and so I put them up on GitHub to be contributed to by anyone that is excited to help. The docs are running live from here on GitHub. The first version of the docs has [EN] for english so that it can be forked and provide translations. I figure a good clean up and pass of the docs in English makes sense first, but then having some translations would be very exciting.

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I’ll keep that in mind! I’d be glad to help out with anything that needs updating or clarification.

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