Blinks as mouse?

Sorry for creating topics so often, every now and then I get a ton of ideas then I run out for a while.

Would it be possible to set up seven blinks in a circle pattern, and send the signals for a mouse back the computer (via the USB/serial cable)? I have gotten into dos games lately and a load of them are controller with just one mouse button and nothing else, and it would be insanely cool to play games on the computer with blinks.


The serial port does allow serial messages to be sent to and from the computer via USB. There is a nice example of using a key on the keyboard to set colors on a dev Blink. I haven’t seen anyone have a Blink emulate an HMI Device such as a mouse, but depending on your use case, it might be sufficient to simply read some simple serial messages.

I think I would have to program my own driver for it which I do not know how to do yet, but in that case maybe I will look into it when I need to make something extremely complicated (and once I’ve got better at c++).

You might be able to use something like ACC Keys to convert serial commands coming in from the Blink into keystrokes and mouse actions on the computer…

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Will it be able to do it through a USB port? Correct me if I’m wrong but the blinks connect to serial via a board connected by USB. Other than that, yeah that could definitely work!

Yes, the blink USB dev board looks like a serial port to the computer.

Ah ok. Going computerless for a couple days, when I get back I’ll try to get it working!