Blinks Installer

I managed to find some time to clean up and publish my Blinks Installer tool. This is a tool that allows one to pack hex files for easy installation in Blinks (a dev kit is still required for installation). It is multi-platform and can easily be compiled for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Developers just need to put the hex files they want to be installed in the assets/hex directory and they will be automatically embedded in the executable.

Users just run the executable (must be run from a terminal/cmd window) and can control which hex files will be installed or not. Here is an example of it in action:

$ ./hexxagon-installer-linux-amd64 
Blinks Installer v1.0.0

Extracting avrdude   ... Done.
Extracting hex files ... Done

Install "Hexxagon-AI" ([Y]es/[N]o/[Q]uit)? n
Install "Hexxagon" ([Y]es/[N]o/[Q]uit)? y
Installing ... Done.

One of the things this makes easier is distributing games that use the Custom Blinklib as the user does not need anything other than a dev kit (and, on Windows, the correct USB drivers) to install it. Not even Arduino ou avrdude (avrdude is also embedded in the binary).

Let me know what you think.