Blinks turn themselves on

They just turn themselves back on despite me even individually turning them off. Please can someone help as I don’t want to drain battery on Christmas Day. We were playing Flic Flop and one or two dropped onto the floor - would that be a problem?

I reprogrammed them with Zen Flow, but they still switch on after being turned off. I have now taken out all the batteries to see if that fixes them.
Any ideas please :slight_smile:
Happy Christmas to all.

The way it work is that if a Blink that is sleeping receives any IR data packets (connecting to a Blink that is on makes it receive IR data packets) other than the packet that tells Blinks to go to sleep, it will wake up (funny enough, it will not wake up if a Blink that is on is connected to it and sending the value 21 on its face).

So, what were you doing exactly? If if simply have all Blinks arranged in a cluster and long pressed one to turn it off, all Blinks in the cluster should turn off and not turn on again (without you clicking one of the Blinks in the cluster again). If they do, you might have some external IR source that is confusing the Blinks.

Hi @Murray,

Some sources of light will wake Blinks such as incandescent and halogen bulbs. Additionally sunlight can wake them as well. As a safety measure, once you place Blinks in their Sushi Roll case, they will go to sleep within ~10 minutes, always.

Merry Christmas!

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Thanks :slight_smile: