: a website to list them all

Hi there,

I had some spare time and wanted to learn React, so I made a web site to list all the blinks games I could find.

It’s here: blinkshaven . Feel free to browse games, and rate/comment/add your own (you need to register for that to limit spam).



Something like this was needed, good job!

Now if you wouldn’t mind editing my Takeover entry to say 2+ and 6+ for number of Players and Blinks respectively, that’d be great! (I didn’t see a way to edit my entry… :grin:)

I don’t know if this is meant to be JUST for community-released games, or if you intend to put the “official” games on there too, but I think you should, in which case it would be nice mark them as such somehow, and maybe also direct link to their rules PDF.

Ooooh, great idea. Save me from trawling the forums.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind updating “Terrarium: Flora” to be just “Terrarium” :slight_smile: I combined the planned Flora and Fauna versions into a single release.

Also “Blackout” is meant to have an exclamation mark at the end, but that’s not a big deal. I’m working on re-theming the game and will be changing the name when I do.

Thanks again for doing this. Now I can be sure to try them all :+1:

@martin @ScarPixel fixed entries according to your requests.

I can also transfer ownership of games to you if you create an account and give me your login so you can edit them directly.

Thanks @bearclaw! My username on your site is grid.

A minor suggestion: I think you should just replace the homepage with the Games page, and make a new “About” page for the current contents of the homepage. That’s what folks are going to be there to see! :slight_smile:

FWIIW, you are missing Hexxagon there (

I fixed it by myself. :slight_smile:

Just registered with the same user name :+1:

@martin @ScarPixel you should now be able to edit your games (using the Edit button on the game detail page).

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