Broadcast Messages

Following up on the guaranteed delivery datagrams code, I now released the latest version of the Broadcast Messages code that allows you to send broadcast messages to all connected Blinks.


  • Uses Guaranteed Delivery Datagrams.
  • Can deal with face timeouts that happen when sending large datagrams.
  • Can deal with propagation delays and stray messages.
  • Allows writing code to be execute when a message is received, when it is forwarded, when a reply is received and when it is forwarded.

License is Apache 2.0 so you can basically use it for whatever you want. Just let me know if you decide to use it and think it is useful.


Whenever I get brave enough to break out of the standard API I need to give your projects a try… I could really see some great applications for this!

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Mostly what I wanted to allow (and Hexxagon seems to show I managed to do it) is creating games where Blinks have to work together even if they are far apart. I would guess most table-top game like conversions would need something like this. I already have at least 2 other games I want to write that will use this.

Now, I really would love for Blinks to have more storage. I barely managed to get Hexxagon to fit and I had to disable some of the animations to do it. :frowning: