Calling all play-testers!

We are looking for folks to help playtest 3 games that Move38 is in process of publishing.

During normal times we pop up at random bars for “Blinks and Drinks” however, now during covid, we are looking for ways to test remotely. So come join our Discord where we will be hosting the play-testing.

Also, we are trying to find the best time to host the event. Let us know by voting for the best time in the poll below:

  • Fri 2/13 Night 6-9 EST
  • Sat 2/14 Day 12-4 EST
  • Sat 2/14 Night 4-8 EST
  • Sun 2/15 Day 12-4 EST
  • Sun 2/15 Night 4-8 EST

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I’d like to join in, but I’m waiting on my dev kit, and suspect that using the simulator and/or telling other people what to poke is going to limit my playtesting ability…

Hi Autoskip! Not at all!! You can do lot over simulator/video feed. Feedback and other perspectives are what we are looking for. Holler at me on discord i’m @hunter :wink: