Can you send "nothing" or "null" on faces?

On a cursory look through of tutorials I didn’t see anything about not sending a signal at all. I want to be able to turn off the signal on a few faces, but I’m not sure how to do that.

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While running the BlinkOS, sending nothing is not recommended, since it would interfere with things like keeping your Blinks awake together during game play (they are constantly letting each other know the last time they were interacted with so that you don’t have random ones falling asleep).

Instead, can I suggest creating a null value defined up top by you? You can then choose to ignore this message. Does that work for your use case?

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That’s very interesting! Thankfully I found a way around it for my use case. Thanks for your speedy response!

I typically use the value IR_DATA_VALUE_MAX to mean something like null. This let’s me keep 0 as a meaningful value, and let’s me test for non-null values with if ( v < IR_DATA_VALUE_MAX )....