Cannot upload to blinks devkit


I just got started with my DevKit. It plugged it in and the blink attached to the controller lit up, so it seems to be responding to the usb controller. I was doing the Get Started thing on the website, adding in the library for Blinks, switching the the Blinks board and the USBasp programmer. However, it keeps failing to even upload the Getting Started example code files like Color Wheel. When I try to upload I get an avrdude error saying it cannot open the USB device and that it cannot find the USB device. The latter 2 errors occur even if the board isn’t plugged in, so I assume it is just the first error that is pertinent.

These are the errors:

I have tried multiple USB ports, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect. Any ideas on what is going on? I’ve had the devkit for several months, but I don’t believe I’ve used it before today. Any help is appreciated!

What OS are you running? If Windows, I assume you installed the driver, correct? Also, just to be on the same side, you mean USBTinyISP not USBasp, correct?

Windows 10

I meant USBasp. Not sure if I’ve done it incorrectly, but my devkit controller is this one:

The getting started guide says to choose the programmer as usbasp for that, I thought.

Interesting. I have 2 dev kits and they both have USBTinyISPs, not USBasp. I have zero experience with USBasp so I guess I can not help much. Did you install the required drivers for this board anyway?

There is no mention of needing to install drivers for this board. But I have downloaded those for the usbtinyisp. I’ll try to find it there are drivers I’m missing for this one.

Hi @pku112,

The Blinks developer kits ship with the USBtiny. The ASP is compatible but requires an FW update before using. I share details on this here

It is definitely worth double checking that the USBtiny is not what you have. A quick photo of your setup can help us troubleshoot.


Hi @jbobrow

Here is my setup. I actually have both, but I’m trying to get the usbasp to work. The usbtiny works but I just need to get a mount so that I don’t have to hold the pins on the blinks myself.

Ah yes! I made a small number of these usbasp before we introduced the new Dev Blink. Have you installed the Blinks library from the boards manager? Or did you manually install it?

From the boards manager

Thanks @pku112,

I sent you a direct message, let’s get you a standard developer Blink so you can be on the same hardware as the rest of the dev community :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


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