CAST YOUR VOTE: Monthly Developer Zoom Session

Hey all!

I have to say that reading forum posts and following along is such a delight. We’ve been doing livestreams weekly on YouTube and while I had done some development livestreams, it always felt like it would be more enjoyable to make them interactive rather than simply a broadcast. We will continue to produce great content for the YouTube channel and livestreams, mostly focussed on ways to enjoy your Blinks, tips & tricks, interviews with developers and other related content for anyone to enjoy, but I would like to do something special for the developer community.

I would like to schedule a Monthly Virtual Meetup. To be as democratic as possible, I’m giving you the vote* on what day/time would work for you to join. You can select multiple days, and if all days work for you, just check all of the boxes :slight_smile:

All times are Eastern Standard Time since Move38 is based in NYC.

  • Sunday Morning
  • Sunday Evening
  • Monday Evening
  • Tuesday Evening
  • Wednesday Evening
  • Thursday Evening
  • Friday Evening

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Looking forward to seeing the poll results. Please get your vote in before September 1st
Feel free to add comments or suggestions for the meetup below, but most importantly, be sure to participate in the poll if you’d like to join.

all my best,

*Would love to see a huge voter turnout, just sayin’


Looking forward to this! Targeting this month or next? :thinking:

Gonna shoot for one this month, should be a good warmup as the following month, we’ll have a lot more developer kits in the world :).


I learned a lot from just trial and error (and quickly running out of memory), but I always did think that something like this…something like college office hours where you could bug the TA or GSI for a few minutes would be great for people spinning their wheels. Should be cool.


There has been talk on occasion of setting up a discord server to allow more open chat. I love the forums for tracking new games and updates, but the discord might be useful for general support or conversation in the community as well


Has this been postponed until after Epic? Was looking forward to it. :smile:

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Thanks for the ping. Looking forward to getting these going. Had in fact turned attention towards fulfilling Blinks game sets and developer kits, so excited to ship the latest batch, and equally excited for the launch of the next games on KS tomorrow at 10am EST :slight_smile: Will definitely get these sessions going and our newest team member is an awesome streamer, so I look forward to doing this soon.


I can get behind that! :slight_smile: The timelapse assembly video at the end of the Twitch stream was impressive and overwhelming! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover::+1:t2: See you at 10am! :wink:

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