Code for lighting one specific triangle within a blink

Noob blink programer here. [Dev kit is still literally in the mail] I have one question that I have yet to see addressed, and if it has no answer, makes my multiple ideas that I have for games dead on arrival.
My idea, used currently in the drafts of two different games, is to have two triangles per blink maintain a given color (in some cases, for the duration of the game), while the other triangles within that blink, through game play, change colors.

In this way, I can always address triangles … by an address of sorts.

Assume that “Blue” is a given color on one triangle in a blink. This is the “Sky”, and will signify ""12 o clock “”, A Player will physically rotate their blink so that the Sky is up. Six o clock, therefore, is directly opposite the sky. The full blink, then will have 12, 2 4 6 8 and 10 o clock bearings.

Is there code for saying “Set the 4 o clock triangle on this blink Red. Set the 6 o’clock triangle on this blink Yellow. Set the 8 o clock triangle a random color, other than blue” ?

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I’m really no expert for this, but…

It seems to me it’s literaly the first thing in the tutorials. I don’t know how exactly the faces are numbered, but when you can set 0 to a diffrent color, I guess you can do that with every single face

Thanks. I completely overlooked that, that zero was an address to a specific triangle. I was reading that zero as either saturation or timing. I read the opening part and took face as the full assemblage of 6 triangles, inseparable.

Then I jumped down to the colors.


I guess I’ve done all the pre coding / pseudo code I can realistically do then.

In case you really only want to independently light up faces, then you want to use SetColorOnFace(). Faces are numbered from 0 to 5 and each one corresponds to one “triangle”.

If you are talking about having a cluster of Blinks agree with what “sky” means and have then light up correspondent faces on different (connected) Blinks, it is a bit more trick but doable:

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I’m mobile currently, I’ll look into this when I can. Thanks in advance.

I feel obligated to post this here, and in the “sister” thread on addressability. I found this, and this is the exact thing I needed to get started.

Hi @Meeko those docs are a little outdated, but they have been updated here. These docs can been navigated to by clicking the “docs” menu item at the top of the forum. Let us know if you have any feedback, as we look to constantly improve our documentation.

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Wow. The Man The Myth The Legend himself! Thanks.