Creating Blinks Game Art

We put together materials in the aim of making it nice and easy for you to not only make your own games for Blinks, but create instructions and game art as well. The following are two resources that we’d love for you to use.

The Blank is an illustrator file that is sized exactly for the artwork. Note, they are quite small, so the logotype will most likely be the main focus.

Game Art Template

Adobe Illustrator (
Figma - Blank Art

We have a diagram template to show the building blocks of our instructional diagrams.

Diagrams Template

Adobe Illustrator (
Figma - Diagram Toolkit

Lastly, we have a Pages template for our instructions to get the formatting to match up the same for all instructions.

Instructions template for Pages (MacOS only)

Updated on 2/13/2020 to default svg for accessibility, also added Illustrator and Figma files

Updated on 9/15/2020 to fix broken links to dropbox files


Hi Jonathan,

Would it be possible by any chance to have the files above in a more OS agnostic format like .svg files, I only ask because adobe products are out of reach of most people also for non Windows and Mac users where Adobe products won’t run.

Many thanks,

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Of course, great point! Adding .svg now. Also, I’ve heard great things about Figma, so I’ll include it on that platform as well :slight_smile:

Hi Jonathan,

Excellent thank you :slight_smile:

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I foud this post obviously too late, I did everything without this!! :rofl:

This post is hiden in the forum and I think is a basic resource, maybe you should pin it.

Thanks for the resorces, bye!

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Did these templates get taken down? @jbobrow

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Fixed. Thanks for the heads up!