Custom Blinklib 1.3.2 Released (Updated to 1.3.3)

Another small release. Now with even more guaranteed delivery of datagrams!

New In This Release

  • Even more guaranteed delivery! Now a datagram is only considered delivered when the other side indicates the user program has read it.
  • This means that delaying reading a datagram does not cause data loss due to datagrams being overwritten.
  • This makes it possible for 2 datagrams to be in-flight on a face before sendDatagramOnface() returns false.
  • Sender will be able to detect this and retry sending if the local and remote buffers are full.
  • Fixed a small issue where a datagram receive would not be ack’ed until a datagram was sent back or a button was pressed anywhere in the Blink cluster.

I’m noticing an odd problem: the custom blinklib disappeared from the Board Manager in Arduino, and when I try to install this new version, I am getting an error:

My mistake. It is fixed now.

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On another note, it sure would be nice if Arduino remembered the board assignment per sketch!

VSCode does. :slight_smile:

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Ah, much better. That took about 10 seconds to get running.

Another new release. As small as it gets.

New In This Release

  • markDatagramReadOnFace() has been reinstated and must be called to clear processed datagrams. This is a lot more useful now with the latest version of guaranteed delivery.

Getting an error again…

Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.

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