Custom Blinklib v1.3.0 Released (Updated to 1.3.1)

Apparently I can not edit the topic of the other thread anymore, so creating a new one.

This is a small feature release but one that should be pretty useful for games where button presses are not an essential part of game play (and might have been added just to prevent Blinks from going to sleep).

New In This Release

  • Added optional tracking of face connection/disconnection events. When an event is detected, the sleep timer will be reset.
  • This can be enabled by defining BGA_CUSTOM_BLINKLIB_TRACK_FACE_CONNECTION inside blinklib_config.h in the config dir of your project.
  • When enabled it uses an extra 28 bytes of storage and 6 bytes of RAM.

Where do I have to sign to get this blinklib implemented as an official release?


@Confus3d Here’s the official word. (Follow link to read the full thing).

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I guess what is needed is just for them to ok its usage for games that might ship with Blinks. As I understand it they want to run their QA test on it first (which is fair, of course). No idea when that would happen though.

BTW, even if you do not want to rely on the Custom Blinklib extra features, you can still use it during the development cycle of your game to be able to debug it with serial debugging. Serial debugging takes a considerable amount of storage and the Custom Blinklib can free up to 15% of space (if you do not use datagrams) or at least 10% (if you use datagrams).


Another minor Custom Blinklib release.

New In This Release

  • Brought back MAKECOLOR_5BIT_RGB. This was mistakenly removed during a refactoring. This version is actually more compact than the original one.
  • Added isDatagramPendingOnAnyFace() helper.