Dark red with one face black?

What does 2 flashes of dark red with a blank face mean?

No amount of clicking or long pressing or removing of battery and putting back in seems to help?

Note. This particular game also was DoA and I had to put in a new battery when I first got (a couple weeks ago).

Maybe there’s something wrong with the hardware?

(Game is Wham!)

2 red flashes means low battery, but I am not sure what you mean by “with a blank face”. Is there a face that is not flashing red? If this is what you mean, then the led on that face is probably busted. if you mean that all faces flash red and when not flashing red they are off, than that is the expected behavior.

Correct one face is not flashing red so it looks like a red pacman.

Then I guess this Blink is busted. At least based on your description of what you see.

Share a short vid or pic to support@move38.com and we’ll make sure you are taken care of :slight_smile:

Great thanks. It was completely dead when i went to make a video. Swapping a battery from another game it worked fine. Though it was DoA when i originally got it and it worked okay for a little while then too anyway.

I suspect something causes it to drain faster than normal? I must have played a combined 60 minutes or less with it. I’ll have to order some batteries and see if i can catch it misbehaving again.

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