Design Suggestion: Four Magnets Per Face

This might be an idea of questionable utility relative to its added cost, but I had this idea for a game where you have an array of Blinks you hold in your hand, all connected, but some are facing you and some are facing your partner or opponent.

And then I realized this isn’t possible with the current design because rotating the Blinks face-to-back aligns north poles with north poles and south poles with south poles so that they repel instead of connecting.

But it would be possible if each face had four magnets, two on each side, NS (IR) NS.

Anyway, food for thought.

A workaround to make this possible with current blinks would be some kind of bracket that holds together repulsive poles to swap the polarity: a flat bar with magnets on two sides and a light-blocking channel in the middle, N-to-S on one side, S-to-N on the other.