Design Suggestion: Sound

I have a few Adafruit Circuit Playgrounds and they have a little speaker amongst other things. I was thinking today that might be a useful addition to the Blinks. Nothing fancy needed but a few beeps and chirps would be a nice touch.

Memory is at a premium on Blinks so I guess to support audio one would also need more memory. There should be a BT-enabled Blink around the corner… That one already needs more memory so maybe it could also include audio. :slight_smile:

Yeah, obviously memory is an issue but I think there’s a good compromise point that wouldn’t require much space. I’d say the ability to play a .wav file or similar is really overkill for this kind of device.

I’d be happy with functionality along the lines of

playTone(frequency, duration); // do the obvious thing :slight_smile:

Presumably minimal impact on the size of the blink library and then the game developer can choose for herself how much of the game’s memory budget to devote to the data. My feeling is that you could go a long way with just a few tones to signal things like invalid move, game over, etc.

The other consideration is the power draw for a speaker chip. I have no idea of details here but am assuming one can find something reasonable.

There is an “A” pin on blinks debug port connector that is designed for exactly things like this. You can connect a little speaker or piezo element directly between this pin and the ground pin and make your blink make noise.

Sadly, in recent production batches that A pin was not connected due to a manufacturing issue, but there are plenty of blinks around that do have it connected so get in touch when you are ready to start working on this and we should be able to get one to you.

Thanks, Josh, for letting me know. I don’t have anything yet at a state where I’m ready to experiment with sound – but I’ll keep that in mind. Right now I’m “multitasking” (it sounds so much more dignified to call it that) between several different “experiments” (aka puttering) – including trying to get your Hexworld working.