Developer Survey + Game Submission Form!

Hello all!

In our latest developer update (read it here!) we announced the creation of 2 surveys: a developer info survey, and a Game Submission Form. If you haven’t read the update, here’s the basic gist:

Developer Info Survey
As the community grows, it’s important for us to get to know all of you, and to find out how we can help make this the best community it can be. If you get a chance, please fill out this survey to help us learn about you and what you need from us. I’ll be using these answers to help guide my decision making as I improve developer support materials this summer and beyond!

Official Game Submissions
This one might be even more interesting to you - we now have a way to officially submit a game (or game idea) to Move38 for publishing consideration with the Game Submission Form. The amount of games and ideas we’re seeing is amazing, and this tool will help us organize ourselves around getting as many of them published as possible. As always, please continue to post your games onto the forum - seeing the ongoing development of a game on here will still be important when we determine which games are ready for publishing.

So please fill out the developer survey if you have a chance, and I can’t wait to see all your submissions rolling in soon!


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