Did I just kill my Blink?

So… got the dev kits… puzzled my way through set up… tested out the dev kit… published the examples… great! so I thought lets move on the the next stage… got a pre-programmed blink (it had fracture on it) and used the publish tool to push the example game on to the blink (to override the game stored on there)

connected… lit up … publish successful.

I plugged the battery back in. and DEAD! the unit is KO:d … non responsive… will not even respond to the publish tool anymore…

Is there a reset / way to debug whether the unit has had a catastrophic failure or not?

What version of the Arduino IDE are you using?

We recently got a report of something similar happening with the hourly preview build. Switching back to the stable version (currently 1.8.13) and reprogramming the blink fixed it.

Pulling the battery from a blink and then pushing the button should reset it. If you have done that and are also on the most recent Arduino, then the blink might have gotten fried. If so, please an email to support@move38.com so we can get you back in business!

Thank you for that… yes, it seems to be the way of the dodo… I’ll email support. Thank you for that.