Direct link to game in Emulator (GMTK game jam question)

I’m currently trying to make a game for this year’s GMTK Game Jam, and I’ve got an idea that I think will work well with Blinks, but I need to be able to upload something that can run on windows or in a browser - is it possible to make a link that can open the Blinks Simulator with the code already loaded, or do I need to provide instructions for loading the code?

(I’m pretty sure either will be allowed, but I’m more likely to get people to click through and play it if they don’t have to copy a wall of code in)

AFAIK, the simulator does not support loading anything other what is in its template list. That being said, the source code is open so you can potentially host it yourself and add your Game to it so it can load it (even make it load it by default)

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@Autoskip, following on what @bga points out, forking the simulator repo would likely be best, remove the sample games and replace it with yours (and include instructions to play in the comments at the top of your code).

The repo to be forked is here.

Let us know if you go this route or have any questions in the process, looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:

p.s. I recently increased the possible number of Blinks in the simulator’s settings to support 100, changes like this are quite trivial. Perhaps setting your game’s default setup could be edited in the same way to get people right into the game.

Unfortunately, the game idea I had turned out to be terrible, and the games I came up with after that were either beyond my capabilities (which aren’t much) or also terrible, so there is no game (plus, the game jam ended about 4 days ago, so I’m definitely not entering a game)

Ah, thanks for the follow up. It’s a great reminder of how wonderful of a resource Game Maker’s Tool Kit is and now we can add the game jam to our radar for their next one.

Always happy to be here to support and encourage even the worst of games (I think that is where most of them start to be honest, at least mine :crazy_face:) and usually there is a good opportunity to level up some capabilities with the help of a friend (not to single out any specific forum members, but there are some superstars in here :star_struck:)