Distributing .hex files?

How does one go about distributing .hex files alongside with source code? I am asking because I am in the process of rewriting the send/receive IR data code in blinklib but unless my changes eventually get merged, it will be too complicated for people to try my games if they need to compile them themselves.

In other words, I am looking for ways to generate and upload the hex file from the command line.

The blinklib code is automatically recompiled from source by the Arduino IDE, so you should not need to mess with hex files to get this working.

Here is an article I just wrote showing probably the easiest way customize the blinklib code for your project…

If you are going to diverge significantly from the programming model or semantics, then you’d probably want to fork blinklib and make your own package.

I actually thought about doing just that but decided not to due to the different licenses (the one for blinklib and the one I usually use). But they are compatible anyway so I do not think it matters much.

Anyway, thanks for the tip. I guess that is the way to go. Lets see if I can save some space with this.

And no. At this point I do not want to change everything. I am just interested on trying to save more space and moving some code I have now that would be better in blinklib itself (for space and memory considerations).