Does "Flashed" == "Factory"?

I’m not really sure what category to put this in, but let’s say someone with OCD (definitely not me) has one blink with particularly bright LEDs and they stand out in the group. If that one has the fancy label for “Honey” on it, and I flash Honey to my blank, then swap the battery covers, is that any different than what happens at the factory?

In other words, were it not for the label on the back, is a factory flashed <INSERT GAME> any different than a developer flashed <INSERT GAME>?

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Hi @akraut,

The simple answer is no. By design, all Blinks are created equal and flashing a game is exactly the same process that happens at the factory. The game art on the battery cover and the game id sticker over the programming port are the only tangible differences.

One intangible difference, game designers receive royalties from Blinks sold with their games on them. Feel free to flash over any game and flash it back freely as all games so far are available as open source.

p.s. thanks for pointing out the difference in brightness, if you can share a photo of them side by side, we’re about to start the next production of Blinks and are having our QC process catch these occasional cloudy or too clear top surfaces.


Oh and to structure my response to respond to the topic title Does “Flashed” == “Factory”? the answer is effectively YES :slight_smile:

Cool, I was mostly worried that at some point in the future, I’d drop it/run the battery down/something equally appalling and the blink would revert to some latent factory state. Thanks for clarifying and answering. Good to know that folks are getting royalties out of designing games. Now I might be more incentivized to design some of my own.

I’ve attached a photo. That one in the center is my “Honey” Blink, but now, for only a little while longer. :smiling_imp:

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