Duel or Showdown game ideas

I’m just an ideas guy. So if you want to take either of these please I would love to play this game with my family!

Duel is a 2 player game with each players health bar at the ends of the paddle like Dark Ball. You basically shoot as many Dark Balls as fast as you can at each aother but you need to reload your gun blink.
Each player has a gun blink that has to be connected to your health bar & tapped each time in order to make 1 shot. To reload you need to disconnect your gun from your health bar, then reconnect & tap to shoot.

2 shots at the same time from opposing players will cancel each other out so speed is important.
6 shots to one player wins.

Showdown functions the same as Duel but is up to 4 players:
4 player setup could use a flower shape of 7 Blinks with 2 more Blinks on either side of the flower. If I knew how to upload a sketch I would.

2 of the players health bars would be at the top & bottom of the flower & the other 2 players would be the left & right pieces we added to the flower. Basically, each players health bars would be at the 4 tips. That way you could either shoot a straight shot with your gun Blink (like Duel) or now you have 2 angled shots to shoot the 2 other players. You can choose to either defend yourself by intercepting other players incoming shots by shooting back or focus on shooting the other 2 players.

Random hearts would be cool to shoot at as well.

6 shots eliminates any player & the last man standing is declared the new Sheriff in town, until the next Showdown…

Hopefully this makes sense to anyone interested in coding it. Showdown is a mix of Dark Ball & Ghost Hunters. I imagine Duel could be made by modifying Dark Ball & adding the gun blink.

Best of luck to you all with your projects! I can’t wait to play your games.