"Error Compiling Board for Blink"

I have been able to upload very simple programs to my blinks, but not more complicated games (like Mortals and Berry) cannot compile. I am using a Surface Pro, and I am aware that the stats are not the best. Any ideas?

Hi Laura!

  1. Can you check to make sure that “Blink” is selected as the board type under Tools->Board?

  1. Can you check that you are using the latest version of Arduino and the latest version of the blinks API download?

  2. Can you drag the error window border upwards so we can see move the the error that is printing in there?

Alternately you can do “Copy Error Message” and paste the full results here.



Thanks for the help. I do have the latest version of API and Arduino. I have connected to the correct board. Here is the full error message.