Error using the #define (-ed) NEVER

I’m getting this error when attempting to use the NEVER keyword. Not sure why or how this would be the case. I’ve got the latest API…? Obviously it’ll be easy to make my own, but it seems like a thing that needs correcting somehow? Or if it’s been deprecated, the documentation ( should be changed.

takeover:66:22: error: 'NEVER' was not declared in this scope
exit status 1
'NEVER' was not declared in this scope

Good catch, the published documentation shows the master branch, and I believe NEVER is in the master branch, however NEVER should be added back in to the BIOS-Integration branch, that’s just oversight on our part. Thanks!!

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Looks like maybe there is a new never() method/function on the Timer class? (Seems totally reasonable to just change the documentation in that case.)

Speaking of out-of-date documentation, looks like setFaceColor() should be changed to setColorOnFace() also. I made a pull request for these and several other documentation fixes.

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