Face Off (Party Game)

Upon the call for party games, I’d thought I’d take a crack at one.

Face Off (4-?) players

Earn 6? points to win the game.

Each player hold one blink. Triple click to start/restart

During the game you can single click your blink to see what colour you need to match.

The colour is displayed only for a moment to hide it from other players.

Each colour corresponds to an emotion you must portray on your face.
Red = Love
Blue = Contentment
Green = Greed
Yellow = Surprise

Players portray their emotion on their face and move around the group looking for a match.
If both players agree with a nod…(or kissy face if players are comfortable with that )
… they connect the white lit edge of their blinks.
If they are correct the Blinks will flash GREEN and both players will earn a point.
If they are incorrect the Blinks will flash RED and both players will lose a point if they have any.

If you can not find a match, you can single click your blink to pick a new colour.

Once you earn 6(?) points your Blink will celebrate and you yell FACE OFF! and you win if you are the first!

one edge of the blink will always shine white… this is your connection side.
SINGLE clicking the blink will temporarily light the 3 sides opposite the white side and show a new random colour.
DOUBLE clicking the blink will reset your score to 0 and put the blink in READY mode
READY mode: the blink will flash white showing all players are ready to start the game. A SINGLE click will start each blick into the game (see above)
TRIPLE click will show you your score after someone has declared FACE OFF and ended the game.

Will be programming this up shortly and play testing this weekend.

The concept is based off of my DUDE card game and variations of it.


Sounds like a fun concept!

Sounds cool, but why do you need a contact face?

Could see folks enjoying this. Think I played a winking game similar to this except I think the goal was to not get caught by anyone but the person you were winking at.

test reply ( I can not see any content in my browser)

Can get back on the forums now! woot!

Working on this over the last couple of days.

Re: Sounds cool, but why do you need a contact face?

Face contact will check to see if there is a match and automatically score for you.

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I meant why is it just a single face and not the complete blink? But I guess it is easyer to code and you need less space, if you just du it for a single face?

I still don’t know that much about coding. But I have more time this year now and hope to learn some.

I was thinking that I want users to hold the blink a certain way so that the secret colour reveal is hidden in their palm.
The connection side is lit up and easy to see where the other player wants to connect…

Just pushed a working version… but still a few display bugs and other timings to tweak.
Instructions are in the ino comments at the top.

Notes from last night’s play test:

4 player

Blue = Contentment was the weakest facial expression… So we test with Blue = Silly

Fun comes from building your own ‘codes’ while trying to decode others. Eventually players start coming up with a ‘standard code’ and they start feeling successful. But the game is quick and ends before that ‘standard code’ is fully realized… generating that ‘lets-play-again-I-got-this’ feeling. Sort of like the game ‘Time’s Up’ where by the third round only a pose is needed to guess a celebrities’ name. (Time's Up! | Board Game | BoardGameGeek).

Players could come up with their own mapping of colours to actions/words/etc. But a curated few would be best. Maybe a printout of the mapping would be good for different variants. (eg… DUUUDE varient)

add: automatically move from match comparison to back in action.
add: better celebration animation when win
check: score display of losing players… didn’t seem to work.

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i have to wonder about the click to change colors mechanic. it seems abusable. someone could just look for a face they recognize, put that face on, then change their color to match. so i wonder if anyone does that in practice.

if so, the best fix i can think of is that it counts the number of times you manually change the color. change it 2(? 3?) times and you lose a point.

I put in a small delay in the function to change the colour.

Since it is a pretty fast paced game, the strategy of just cycling the colour didn’t appear to be an issue. The colour is random, so it is a risk… but part of the fun if someone tries attempts it.

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