Faulty Battery Alerts?

Hey all,

I’m not sure if I’m alone in seeing this, but since the last firmware release, I’m seeing some odd behavior with the low battery indicators. On occasion, a tile that I thought I had recently changed the battery on will have the blink pattern that indicates a low battery, but I’m usually able to make it go away by reprogramming the tile.

I’ve been trying to replicate exactly when it happens, but most commonly, I’ll see it when I remove the molex cable from the tile with serial output after testing out a game.

Thanks for spotting this @jrcwest, check out the latest release, an update is coming to KS soon. I believe we were too aggressive on the low battery warning, try the latest on master here.

@jbobrow I realized what this was after seeing the release note for the master build. Thanks for clarifying!

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