Favorite Non-Blinks Party Games?

What are some of your favorite non-Blinks party games?

I was recently introduced to Cochroach Poker. Basic premise is to catch others’ bluffs to avoid gaining cards in front of you (and bluff to give cards to others). The first person with 4 of the same type of card loses. That would be a fun one to implement for Blinks.

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Actually know a couple people trying to come up with a spin on that game for Blinks. Didn’t realize how popular that game is.

I like Spoons. Everyone gets 4 cards and you’re picking up one and putting down one as fast as you can so cards move around the circle until someone secretly has 4 of a kind. That person then takes a spoon from a line of them in the middle of the table. Once someone has a spoon everyone has to grab one until they are all gone and one person is left spoonless. That person is the loser/gets a letter a la H.O.R.S.E./ gets a point. However you want to play it.

The idea is to sneak a spoon as soon as you can and watch everyone else panic when they realise you took one and they are about to miss out.