Fixed configuration of Blinks - new to Blinks

Hi All!
I’m totally new to this and only have a little experience years ago of programming with Flash - I know this is totally different though.
My question is this - would it be possible to set a fixed configuration of blinks (they would have to know their own relationship to all other blinks) so that abstract games could be played on different shaped ‘boards’?

It is possible up to a point and I am working exactly on that for Hexxagon. The main issue is the limited amount of memory so in case you want to record positions for all Blinks in using hexagonal coordinates (you need to keep track of x and y, for example) you can store the positions of around 80 Blinks or so with room to spare for your program to use for other things. You also need solutionn to propagate this information to all Blinks (assuming you are not building the board Blink by Blink).

I actually have several libraries ready and one in development (to do the actual mapping) to do exactly like this.

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Thanks for that. Glad to know. It’s kind of swinging me to jump in and get a Black Friday deal now. Touch base soon. Thanks again.