Forum request: Identifying Windows support vs Mac support

Given that the Support forum is universal at the moment, it would be really useful to narrow the “search for solutions” in the Support forum to the platform type. Some forums create a unique forum just for the platform (e.g. Windows-Support, Mac-Support, etc), but issues that affect both platforms can get lost too.

So, my request would be to earmark (keywords? tags?) on Support requests. Than allow us to search and add an the tag(s) to narrow things down. I do not see a way to do that with the current forum implementation/setup. If there is, please provide information and add that to the “Welcome New Members” (or better yet, a sticky “New Members README”.

This will also allow us to help each other out quicker and allow Jonathan to focus on other areas.


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Great request. I think this should do the trick. There are now 3 subcategories. If it makes sense to add sub-cats into other parts of the forum, we’ll keep an eye peeled for the requests :slight_smile: