Free Blinks Bento Box 3D Print files

Unfortunately when I import the f3z file the version history is reset to v1. It doesn’t appear the bent version is included.

Btw, thanks for sharing this!

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Ah thanks for letting me know the share flattened the history… :thinking: I can duplicate and share a couple of versions of the design file. (Feels like a reasonable promise for after PAX East :wink: )

As @boardgamebrewer noted, they don’t quite fit (at least when printed on an FDM printer with a 0.4mm nozzle). I downloaded the Fusion file and bumped the size of hexes in the sketch (as well a the spacing of the rectangular grid) from 3.6 to 3.7mm. And they fit in much more nicely… in fact they could use just a touch more room in both directions. I also narrowed down the side walls as, especially in the 36 count version, they felt a bit oversized to me.

I may have messed up and accidentally printed the larger version so I have a lot of extra room here. I used a wood filament for this half so it should sand down really nice.

I’m printing another that’s a tad roomier and is sized to hold 30.

The wood filament section in particular still needs a sanding but here’s the final 30 blink box.