Free Blinks Bento Box 3D Print files

As of our latest Kickstarter campaign, Move38 has now published 41 games and 42 unique Blinks (not counting Blanks) and many of you may be looking for a nice way to carry lots of Blinks without having a bunch of loose Sushi Rolls in your bag.

Introducing the Bento Box.

This is an experimental product so I will post a few versions of the file and you can choose which one works for you. Let me know in this thread which one you decide to print. These are large prints and may take a printer 20+ hours to complete a (~10 hours per half).

What you need to make your own

  1. Access to a 3D printer
  2. Filament for 3D printer (I recommend PLA)
  3. 3/4" Elastic bands to hold the Bento Box closed

Flat vs. Bent

The flat is the simpler design and provides the same storage space. The bent design is inspired by a yin-yang. I thought the bent aspect might add to the feeling of locking together, however it turns out to be simply an aesthetic addition, however there is something that feels unique about it (oddly enough, I designed the the bent version first).

42 Blinks Version

This design is the one created to hold all games published to date, with room for the Party Pack expansion games.
Download STL file for 42-Blink Bento Box (bent)
Download STL file for 42-Blink Bento Box (flat)

36 Blinks Version

Want a slightly smaller version of the Bento Box. This design looks almost identical, but only holds 36 Blinks.
Download STL file for 36-Blink Bento Box (bent)
Download STL file for 36-Blink Bento Box (flat)


A couple of notes for the current designs. The Bento Box is intended to be used without the need for Sushi Rolls inside. The top (and bottom) of the Bento Box is sized so that you may attach your Sushi Rolls (and/or instruction booklet) flat against the top of the box. I have found it nice to always carry 2 Sushi Rolls on me, since I find 2 to be the versatile amount.

Also note that this design was not optimized for 3D printing, in fact, it was designed for a different type of material altogether. The reason I point this out, is that you may wonder why the wall thickness is so big (which is not necessary for plastic). The design file is for a process with high-density molded cork, a highly sustainable material that is so wonderfully durable, has a unique texture and protective qualities and is 100% compostable. That said, 3D printing your own case out of PLA (also biodegradable) is very low impact as well :raised_hands:

Printing Tips:

  1. DO NOT USE SUPPORTS - there is no need, it prints nicely without
  2. Print with a low infill % such as 10% or less
  3. The print is large, and is prone to warping due to cooling, make sure your first layers adhere well :slight_smile:
  4. The flat design is newer, that one has not yet been printed in the office, so let us know how it comes out :kissing_heart:

Looking at the STLs I’m assuming we just print each piece (for whichever version we’re wanting) twice, right? Just making sure I’m not missing something super obvious in my sleepy brain state. :slight_smile:

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A nice addition is if you could provide inserts for the individual parts of the Move38 logo (one for each shape) in a size that would actually fit the embossed area so that we could print them with Move38 colors and stick them there (with some clue if needed).

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And just in case you are curious for a bit of background. The designs are symmetric to reduce the number of parts needed to be made (i.e. a single cavity for Cork injection molding)

Also note, on my Ender3 Pro, I can only print one half at a time, which I recommend even if your print bed is much larger.

Oooh, Move38 charms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Too bad my printer sucks. (And is very miniature anyway) Maybe… one day I’ll have a better one.
On the other hand… I can sew, so I never really needed one anyway XD I’ll need to make a bigger blinks bag once the new expension gets shipped, though.

But I’d really like to see your results of printed boxes, so pictures, please!

No promises on a timeline, but would it be okay to take this design and do the slimming down work that’s possible for an all plastic print and to reshare it with folks if I do? I love the design, but I’d also like to shave off some of that 10-13 hour print time

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Of course this design is now open source, I believe I can share the Fusion360 file as well.

*Updated to have link to the Fusion360 design file

First attempt at printing and a little too tight.
Printed at .4mm with .6mm nozzle (for speed)…
Not sure if I should go higher res and longer print time or adjust the model.

A few comments after seeing how it physically works:
-Maybe a couple slots for storing extra batteries along the long edges or in the large extra space?
-Maybe some thumb/finger dimples to pull blinks out.

so, close…

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I was curious if there was anything like a battery compartment, when it was only announced with a single picture, but I didn’t thought so, even though it would fit the theme of “bento box” so perfectly, as they are often made of multiple compartments with different sizes.
I thought that it would have been cool if it came with a removable battery holder with it’s own compartment.
The ultimate version could also have a compartment for the dev kit

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For 1/128th of a inch? Sandpaper :smiley:

Yeah, I filed and sanded a big and got them to fit tightly… but not that easy to get out. (or get in).

To load you got to line up three blinks the same direction and slide them in perfectly. It isn’t that easy to put them in one row at a time because the magnets fight each other. Even when facing the same direction the first magnet the inserting blink comes in contact with is repelling.

So who can I pay to print me one of these? :innocent:

I do wish I had room for a 3D printer. :pleading_face:

Bento Box Complete!

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Looks really nice with the wave in different colors

Jon, by chance could you share the fusion360 file for the bent one as well?

Technically it is the same file, it is in the version control history. When I share the Fusion360 model, does it include the history?

darn… I didn’t realize Autodesk killed the free version of Fusion.

Autodesk didn’t kill it. Under the left column you’ll see the free option.